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Dodger by Terry Pratchett

Dodger - Terry Pratchett

I have very mixed feelings about this book. Dodger is technically not a Discworld book. In fact, it's set in 19th Century London. On one hand, Pratchett managed to infuse the satire and fun that are a part of his Discworld series in a non-Discworld book. On the other hand, this made it seem so much like a Discworld book that I was disappointed it WASN'T a Discworld book.


I think the biggest problem I have with the similarities is that it really doesn't show as much breadth as a writer as I think Pratchett is capable of. While I seem to be one of the few people who didn't like Nation, it was quite a departure from Discworld. With Dodger, even the characters introduced have their Discworld counterparts.


Of course, being a history geek, what I enjoyed most about this book were the parts of the story that used actual people from historical London. Not Charles Dickens, who is a fairly major character. No, I would say that I enjoyed the inclusion of Henry Mayhew (wrote a major survey on London's poor) and Joseph Bazalgette (redesigned London's sewers much more). Of course, Bazalgette probably amuses me most because I remember watching a documentary focusing on the redesign of the sewer system on the History Channel once.


Anyway, my overall impression is that it's a decently fun read but I would have been much happier with a Discworld book.