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Let the Sky Fall by Shannon Messenger

Let the Sky Fall - Shannon Messenger

I have to start this review off by saying that I am not a huge fan of the recent supernatural/paranormal romance trend in YA. It's never really been my thing (in the first place, most of the romance makes me roll my eyes). I very much doubt I would have bought this book if I hadn't read and completely fallen in love with the Keeper of the Lost Cities books by the same author (I know I should review them -- but I'm not quite sure what to say).


My Mini-Review:


While I didn't fall in love with this book, I enjoyed it much more than I expected to. While there were things that made me roll my eyes, there were also things that I liked a lot.


What I didn't like: Some of the will-they-won't-they romance moments grew quite tedious and the whole "soul-bond with the first kiss" thing was extremely derivative and really did make me roll my eyes,


What I liked: I had fun with the whole concept of sylphs/Windtalkers and while the plot also had it's derivative moments, it was still quite enjoyable. I also thought the characters were mostly likable (Vane is so much more awesome of a character than Tristan from The Vicious Deep which I reviewed recently). However, the best part was the ending; there were some very unexpected developments that I really loved.


Final Verdict: Enjoyable book that got much better the further the story developed. I'm hoping that a lot of the tedious bits are out of the way because I am totally planning on buying the next books in series.


But Keeper of the Lost Cities is better. :)