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Of Poseiden by Anna Banks

Of Poseidon - Anna Banks

Mini-Review: This is the third mermaid-centric series that I've read recently and my favorite of the lot, though it still does some things that annoy me. The things that annoy me?


1) Instalove! While it avoids the "soul-bond with the first kiss" cliche, it has "the pull" which basically is instalove with the first touch.


2) Dueling POV's. Part of the story is told from Galen's POV and part is told from Emma's POV. While I can handle POV changes when there's consistency to it (although I'm not fond of it in any situation) there was none in this story. Three chapters get told from Emma's POV, two from Galen's, one more from Emma, then three from Galen -- and, wait -- now they're even switching in the midst of the same chapter! The way it's done is very disconcerting, since there are times when it takes a page to realize that the POV has changed and then times when it is far, far too abrupt.


3) The "twist" at the end? Saw it coming in about the second or third chapter. Kinda annoyed it took that long to come out, actually.


The things that I liked?


1) Quick, fun read.


2) Characters are enjoyable. Emma and Galen are okay as main characters but it's the side characters that are much more enjoyable -- Rachel is utterly awesome and Reyna, Galen's little sister, makes me giggle.


3) There's actually a plot that doesn't solely focus on the romance! And since I've now read the second book in the series, I'm quite happy to note that the political intrigue that briefly shows up in this book continues and ends up being a much larger focus.


Final Verdict: Fun read and while it has some cliche things going on, I thought it was one of the better books in the YA paranormal romance genre that I've read.