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I hate waiting

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I have a very unusual reading habit. You see, nothing annoys me more than having to wait years to read an entire series. Several years ago, I read and enjoyed the first four books of a series called "The Power of Five" by Anthony Horowitz (same author as the Alex Rider books). Alas, after I read the fourth one, I had to wait years for the last one -- so long that I honestly couldn't remember enough of what had happened in the first four for me to want to read the fifth without rereading the first four.


Given the state of my to-read pile (currently more than 430 books), I decided this was unacceptable.


Now, for books I'm pretty sure I'll like, I'll just wait until the entire series is out before I read it. And for books I'm not sure about, I'll read the first and then wait until the rest are out. That way, if I DO have to reread the book, I'll only have one. This philosopy has worked well for me so far. It certainly kept me from going crazy between Catching Fire and Mockingjay and I am more than happy I was able to read all three Beyonders books at the same time. Plus, come October, I'll have FIVE Rick Riordan books to read (yay!).


Well, it was working well until today. Today, I made the mistake of starting a series I THOUGHT was over at three books (the Lunar Chronicles) only to discover at the end of Cress that IT HAS ANOTHER BOOK.




I hate waiting.


That is all.