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The Six Crowns series by Allan Frenwin Jones and Gary Chalk

The Six Crowns: Full Circle - Allan Jones

This is actually a review of the whole Six Crowns series.


Summary: Hedgehog lamplighter Trumble is reluctantly forced into a quest to find the legendary six badger crowns by hedgehog Romney fortune-teller Esmeralda. Along the way, they're chased by villainous pig pirates, Esmeralda's powerful Aunt Milly and meet other strange friends and enemies. 


One of the things I've noticed while shopping for books for my nieces and nephews is that there is a HUGE lack of books for beginning readers. Other than the Magic Treehouse series, there are hardly any chapter books out there. I've read books by Allan Frenwin Jones before, so I wanted to see how good his books for younger readers would be. 


Overall, I'm very impressed. If you're looking for a story to introduce younger readers to fantasy, this would be a great series to do so. It has all the elements you need to appeal to kids. It has talking animals, a quest, a reluctant hero, an impulsive heroine, fun villainous pirates and a lot of adventure. It doesn't have the depth that stories for older readers do but I still enjoyed it. Given the age group that the story is for, I was surprised that I liked it as much as I did. 


Final Verdict: Highly recommend. A perfect series to introduce young readers to fantasy.