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Ever After High 2 by Shannon Hale

The Unfairest of Them All - Shannon Hale

Mini-Review: I felt this was an improvement over the first installment in the series, although some of that may be because I had different expectations of this book going in than I did for the first one. There was a more original premise in this book than the first installment, which helped make this a more tolerable read. I am also glad to see that Apple White is continuing to be a decent (but utterly naive) character, instead of a villain the way she would be in other stories. However, I still have issues with the sexist color schemes and the way Maddie Hatter can interact with the narrator, the way I did with the first book.


Final Verdict: Better than the first and I know that there's a market for it ... but I still have reservations about the concept and execution and I still think Hale can write much better than this.